Thursday, March 30, 2017


Frederic Jameson:

  • Van Gogh-A Pair of Boots
  • two ways of reading
  • 1) "Utopian gesture"
    • contrast of colors/symbolic meanings
    • reimagines society 
  • 2) "gap between Earth and World" 
  • Andy Warhol- Diamond Dust Shoes
  • flatness
  • no way of reading?
Jean Baudrillard:
  • Disneyland = fantasy
  • fantasy world inside is emphasized by singular reality outside
  • "the world is no longer real"??
  • Postmodern era is characterized by cultural diversity
  • people today don't realize the diversity of what they do or say
  • postmodernism is a reflection of the variety we experience day to day 
  • unlike any other style of art 
  • no era previously experienced diversity like we do today


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